“The Heart of Israel: Ramat Gan, An Urban Center with a Heart of Gold”

“The Heart of Israel: Ramat Gan, An Urban Center with a Heart of Gold”

Ramat Gan, located in the Central District of Israel, is a bustling city that many consider to be the heart of the country. In this urban center, youth, professional, and family life can all be found prospering. This city is truly a testament to the ability of modern city living to work together with its own local culture, traditional values, and the dreams of the people of Israel to create an optimal living experience.

Ramat Gan is located on the coastal plain of the Mediterranean Sea, just 8 miles east of Tel Aviv. The city was founded in 1921 and was named after a nearby Bible site. The area quickly became a thriving business center, with a variety of industrial enterprises including textiles, electronics, mechanical engineering, food, and furniture companies setting up shop. Ramat Gan also serves as Israel’s diamond-export hub, and is currently home to the world’s largest diamond exchange.

Ramat Gan’s population is diverse, and includes locals from all over Israel as well as foreign expats. This city is both business-driven and family friendly, boasting its own town square, numerous parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers, and a wide array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Its industrial zone, dubbed the Diamond Exchange District, is world renowned. Residents and visitors alike love to explore the nearby city of Tel Aviv and take advantage of its numerous cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities.

This vibrant urban center offers numerous educational opportunities with several esteemed universities, including Bar-Ilan, the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, and affiliated medical centers. The University of Buffalo’s Ramat Gan campus puts on several public events including lectures, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and more.

Ramat Gan also offers residents and visitors convenient and efficient travel options with the area’s major roads, Ganey Hayarden, the Ayalon, Shilat, Hashalom, Rosh Ha’ayin, and the Beltway, which circles the city giving drivers routes to the surrounding cities and neighborhoods. The area also has ten railway stations servicing various locations throughout the city.

The city’s recreation options are second to none. Ramat Gan is home to the beloved Bloomfield Stadium, Tel Aviv’s 34,000-seat home-field of the premier Soccer team, Maccabi Tel Aviv. The stadium offers a regular schedule of Premier League games, and other international matches. The Park Hayarkon, directly adjacent to the stadium, is another popular recreation area, offering numerous sports facilities, a bike path, picnic areas, and botanical gardens.

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The Israel Diamond Mills at Ramat Gan is the largest diamond grinding plant in the world, lending the city its nickname, “The City of Diamonds”. Residents and visitors can explore the factory and learn about the cutting and polishing of these precious stones in the factory’s visitor center.

The city also hosts several annual festivals, including the International Garden Festival, which showcases the best of Israel’s gardens, and the Ramat Gan International Film Festival. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy a variety of arts, cultural, and recreation activities, with the city’s shopping, nightlife, and culinary scenes being among the most vibrant in the entire country.

Ramat Gan is truly an urban center with a heart of gold, offering exciting business opportunities, educational excellence, and a variety of recreational activities for the whole family. It’s a city of entrepreneurs, young professionals, and growing families, all coming together to create an urban center that truly has something for everyone.